Marc Timón Barceló

Castelló d'Empúries, 1980

Born in 1980, award-winning film composer Marc Timón is considered one of the most brilliant and active Spanish composers of his generation. Timón is what is called a comprehensive musician: composer, conductor and player. He combines composition of genres such as cinema and documentary soundtracks, musicals, symphonic productions, choral and chamber music, jazz, pop-rock, electronic and video games with the orchestral conduction and the orchestration of all of his movies.

Timón is currently based in Los Angeles, working at the major Sonic Fuel Studios and at the same time composing for many projects for United States and Europe. Some of Timón’s best credits include the Marvel Tv Series “Agent Carter” (programmer and orchestrator) and as a composer, the feature films “The Little Wizard” (Jerry Goldsmith Award 2014) -animation/fantasy-, “El árbol sin sombra” (Best Spanish Score 2014 at MundoBSO Awards) -drama/horror- and the epic soundtracks for “Coliseum” and “Witches” (for symphonic orchestra and choir). All of them are released by the prestigious label MovieScore Media, one of the most relevant labels in the soundtracks world.

In the concert music field, Timón’s works have been premiered around the world, including countries as England, France, Germany, Finland, Cuba, Portugal, Spain and United States.

He has extensive experience conducting and recording soundtracks in Bulgary, Ukraine and Spain. As an instrumentalist, on his film scores he plays piano, keyboards and tible, an ethnic woodwind instrument with a medieval/folkloric sound. He has a great career in his country, having performed concerts at the most important halls (Gran Teatre del Liceu, Palau de la Música, Auditorium of Barcelona, etc.).

His passion for art, literature, cinema and his constant desire to learn leaded him to graduate in Musical Composition at the Higher Music School of Catalonia (ESMUC is the most prestigious higher music school in Spain) in 2006 with Honors and in Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in 2002, which is a great challenge to know about the technic and narrative audiovisual language for an optimal communication with the film director.

More than 30 national and international awards for his work in the field of film music and for his concert pieces support Timón’s music and help him to approach each project with great enthusiasm. Some of the most important awards are the International Jerry Goldsmith Award (2006/2010/2014) and the Nomination in 2013 as Best Young Composer of the Year at the Goldspirit Awards with “The Little Wizard”, among others.

Apart from the already mentioned “The Little Wizard” or “El árbol sin sombra”, of his entire production are noteworthy his film soundtracks for “Frogman” (2011), directed by the American filmmaker Jim Westrick and the documentary “Wild Connection” (2011), among others. In the musical genre may be highlighted the composition of “Josafat The Musical”– premiered with a great success of audience at the Municipal Theater of Girona- and “Music to fall in love”, performed at the Symphonic Hall in the Auditorium of Barcelona.

In cinema, each story and each genre need their own sound and style. Each movie needs you to listen to its images and its narrative to turn that into the best appropriate color in its soundtrack. That’s why Timón starts from the eclecticism, the importance of the combination between melody and textures and the fusion of different modern and traditional musical elements to approach any kind of film, always from the curiosity and concerns for the theme of this script.