Director: Xavier Miralles

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

Year: 2014

Genre: Drama / Thriller / Horror

Screenplay: Xavier Miralles and Cati Moyà

Produced by TOTEM

Main Cast: Mima Riera, Paloma Alma, Rafaela Rivas, Genís Lama, Albert García, Emilia Ruiz, Isidre Montserrat, Joan Marqueño, Esther Gómez, Alain Hernández, Pilar Sardà, Aleix Puiggalí and Eric Zarauza

Cinematographer: Robert Álvarez

Editor: Biel Ferrer

Art Direction: Patricia García

Music: Marc Timón

Music Department: Pablo Uroz

Performed by Primo Studio Orchestra of Sofia. Recorded at the National Radio of Bulgary

Sound Department: Jaume Llorens, Albert Palou and Anna Rajadell

Special Effects: Nadia Martínez and Sara Polo

Costume Design: Patricia García and Juana Gutiérrez

Makeup Department: Nadia Martínez and Sara Polo

Runtime: 101 minutes


Ingrid is going to move to the city to study at the university and Tina, her best friend, is afraid of this change. With some friends, they decide to go camping in a strange forest before being separated because of their studies. Apparently, all seems to be perfect between them but in the peace of the forest they will meet some people who will show them that their link is not as strong as they thought.