Composer and Conductor: Marc Timón

Lyrics: Josep Pujol

Country: Spain

Language: Catalan

Year: 2014

Genre: Musical

Produced by Ajuntament de Girona

Scene Director: Joan Solana

Scene Assistant: Mariona Callís

Cast: Xavier Ribera-Vall, Judith Tobella, Marc Pujol, Gara Roda, Laia Frigolé, Maria Cirici, Laia Alsina, Antoni Font, Ferran Frauca and David Mauricio

Art Direction: Quim Paredes

Sound Department: Jordi Rotés

Performed by Orquestra del Josafat. World Premiere at the Teatre Municipal de Girona

Costume Design: Iu Gironès

Makeup Department: Montserrat Oliva

Project Director: Jep Sánchez

Runtime: 100 minutes


“Josafat” is a musical based on the novel of Prudenci Bertrana. This is a crazy love story between Josafat, the bell-ringer of the Cathedral of Girona, and the prostitute Fineta. Faith vs desire and love vs death are the most important elements that explain this universal classic of our literature.