Director: Roque Cameselle

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

Year: 2013

Genre: Animation / Adventure / Fantasy

Screenplay: Roque Cameselle

Producer: Alberto Cameselle

Production Company: DEBOURA

Main Cast: Alfonso Agra, María del Carmen Aguado, Cristina Aldrey, Ignacio Aramburu, Maxo Barjas, Antonio Cancelas, Yolanda Castaño, Catherina Martínez and Roberto Reboiro

Editor: Fernando Pardo

Animation Department: Douglas Alves Ferreira and Toni Torronteras

Music: Marc Timón and Miguel Cordeiro

Music Department: Pablo Uroz and Noel Nicolau

Performed by Primo Studio Orchestra of Sofia. Recorded at the National Radio of Bulgary

Sound Department: Alberto Castro, Alberto Castaño, Manuel Corrales, Nicolas de Poulpiquet, Javier Losantos and Manuel Maneiro

Visual Effects: Víctor J. Buforn, Javier Gómez, Marta Guijarro, María Victoria Hernández, Javier Ivorra and Eric Robert

Runtime: 90 minutes


A Norman pirate ship berths at the quay of the small Galician town of Tui, with orders to sack the village. Bieito Dubidoso, barely 9 years old but armed with startling magic powers, manages to get them expelled. The news of the miracle spread like wildfire all over the region and, from then on, he will be widely known as “The Little Wizard”. Together with his inseparable friend Destreza, he will embark on endless adventures and will face Bishop Juan, lord and master of the city, who will not forgive Bieito for showing him as a coward to his vassels. Will The Little Wizard keep himself safe in his adventures?