Directors: Fernando Silvano, Laura Labastida.
Writer: Fernando Silvano.
Starring: Alain Hernández, Ana del Arco, Lídia Casanova, José Tobella, Montse Gabriel, Ismael de la Hoz.
Music: Marc Timón.
Produced by: The Wise Elm.

Synopsys: Time is running out in Kizo. Three days ago, the Wall of Darkness invaded the continent, annihilating everything it comes into contact with - entire civilizations have disappeared. Only the Grand Arkhanos, the direct descendants of the Goddess Mother Earth, can stop it. Phalantas, Grand Arkhano of Light, invites five of his brothers and sisters to a mysterious hut in the heart of the Forest of Whispers. They come. But will they be able to stand up to what threatens them all?