"El árbol sin sombra"


Director: Xavier Miralles.
Writers: Xavier Miralles, Cati Moyà.
Starring: Mima Riera, Paloma Alma, Rafaela Rivas, Genís Lama, Albert Montes, Emilia Ruiz, Isidre Montserrat, Joan Marqueño, Esther Gómez, Alain Hernández, Pilar Sardà.
Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Marc Timón.
Produced by: Totem.

Synopsys: Ingrid is about to change the city to go to college and Tina, her best friend, fears that this change may separate them. Together with his friends camping in the woods to share the last moments before their lives change with the arrival of new studies. They do not need anything more than his own company to be fine, but amid the tranquility of the forest will encounter another group of people willing to show them that the link is not as strong as they think.